Golden curry

Hearty and delicious

If you love Curry as much as I do then you’d want to try this “pot of sunshine in the middle of winter” , Made with natural , fresh ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties. Just another way of taking pills but the good type … hahaha. perfect comfort meal for the family, packed full of your 5 a day beneath a golden sheeth. I can go on and on about this “beauty” most importantly because it takes only 20mins to put together. How good does that sound? Yes!

personally I love and enjoy eating meals that take less time to prepare without compromising quality( nutrition and satiety) and this curry is just bang on!

I also love that it is so versatile, goes well with steamy rice, potatoes, cruciferous vegetables, veggie chips and other rice alternatives like quinoa and bulgur for those of us with health and weight management goals… phew ( it’s simply a win win) . Great for kids, if your kids are anything like mine, they love rice and would eat anything with it. so , hiding those vegetables in this golden blanket is a sure way to get the veggies in with less fuss. lastly , you can also portion out and freeze for the rest of the week.( like I did) As always I try to cook up a batch to free up some time for the week and also save cleaning up the hob every time.. It’s a royal pain( not my favourite job😁)

Ok enough of the talk let’s get cooking! I know Curry is a regular, but however you cook it , please please try using fresh turmeric , ginger, garlic and coriander seeds and thank me later, the taste is so distinct. You can use whatever vegetable you have on hand. I love spinach and would throw it in just about anything..

Happy cooking!!


Curry paste

–2.5 in ” fresh ginger

–8 cloves fresh garlic

–1 tbsp coriander seed

–1tbsp cumin seed

–3 red chilli peppers

— salt to taste


— 1 coconut milk ( canned)

–2 1 tbsp coconut oil

–3 Onions

–4 thinly diced carrots ( optional)

— 1/2 bag of frozen spinach or fresh

— 1 cup of pre-cooked chickpeas

Pre-cooked chickpeas

  1. Start by making the curry paste. Place all of the ingredients into a food processor and blitz to a smooth paste.
  2. place a large pan over medium heat and add the coconut oil and cook the curry paste for 5 minutes, until fragrant
  3.  Add the chopped carrots. Coat in the curry paste before adding the coconut milk. reduce the heat to medium low and simmer for 15 minutes, or until the carrot is tender
  4. Finally add the pre-cooked chickpeas and spinach leaves and cook for a few minutes to allow the spinach wilt. 
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If you are wondering what ORZO is, just like I did the first time I heard that word.. orzo!
It is a small shape pasta that looks like rice. used mainly in greek cuisines, pilafs or salads.
I had the pleasure of enjoying this meal while on vacation in greece. like always, I have recreated a healthier version of the original recipe.
I believe healthy eating is fun and sustainable when you can still eat and enjoy your favourite or comfort meals by using alternatives with health bursting benefits, and closer to what you are used.
So I have used a fiber rich orzo made from 100% whole durum wheat instead of the traditional white flour wheat.
According to research whole wheat grains are healthier because they still have 3 parts of the grain intact, They are rich in nutrient and full of fiber which makes them one of the best carbohydrates for weightloss or weight management.

Orzo has a low GI and the combination of veggies makes this recipe a nutritional winner. here’s a good read about health gains of mixing pasta with veggies at

This pot is easily adaptable to your goals, vegan( add grilled tofu for protein), meat lover just depending on what you throw in.

I have cooked my orzo in a rich spicy tomato sauce with disease fighting polyphenols and immunity boosting vitamin C, bulked it up with savoy cabbage, broccoli, eggplant powerful antioxidants and spices that help boost metabolism like scotch bonnet chilli, garlic and paprika… S .P.ICY!! a shaving of parmigiano-reggiano cheese to satisfy your italian taste bud😃

So not only is this meal a nutritional winner, but it is also a fusion dish hello Africa, hello greece and hello Italy! showing a happy fusion of cultures( Ahh..mazingly delicious and beautiful)
Great for week night dinner or lunch .It allows your 5 a day serving of veggies, very simple to make, with less cleaning ( gr…eat!) also a perfect cook one eat 4x or more ( 😃 handy!)


My idea of a healthy life style from my little knowledge in basic nutrition science is not deprivation or dieting but being active and eating from all food types in moderation. however allergies, food intolerances, religious, health or ethical reasons are exceptions. I have tried various diets for weightloss ( story for another day) and back to enjoying all food types in moderation( still keeping my carb low -moderate to avoid blood sugar spike) , being portion aware is key. So I have been practicing weighing out my meal bases and bulking up with vegetables and lean protein and it I’m beyond happy with the results. no food type is magic on it’s own, It’s all about balance, variety ensures that you are getting a wider selection of micro and macro nutrients that are needed for physical and mental health.

So many studies have shown that a combination of all food types in a meal increases the rate at which the meal is broken down. According to research when pasta is cooled the temperature drop changes the chemical content to RESISTANT STARCH which has been shown to promote breakdown of fat and weightloss.So let’s get cooking!!


-200G Whole wheat orzo
-100g cherry fresh tomatoes and half canned chopped tomatoes( mix to make up 100g)
-1 savoy cabbage chopped( leave some leaves for wrapping) />

-1 eggplant chopped
-1 broccoli(steamed to be served with cooked orzo)
-2 Onions
-1Tbsp smoked paprika (or more for colour)
-1Tsp oregano
-1/2Tsp thyme
Salt to taste, a handful of parsly to pretty it up and shavings of parmigiano-reggiano cheese (optional)
1- Blend onions, garlic,canned tomatoes, peppers and set aside.
2- In a large skillet, Add 2tbs of olive oil and pour in the pepper and tomtoe paste allow to cook for 3mins add about a cup of water or chicken broth then to a boil over medium-high heat. Once boiling, add orzo and cook for 9-10 minutes, stirring occasionally, add more broth or water while cooking if still strong .


3-Once orzo is fully cooked to al dente, reduce heat to low, add fresh cherry tomatoes and chopped vegetables.cook for another 5 minutes, stirring occasionally, until slightly softened. Remove from heat and add parsley.

Serve and enjoy with cheese shavings! (optional)

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I served mine on a lightly steamed savoy cabbage leaf with grilled chicken breast pomegranate seeds and cheese shavings… yum…my
and remaining 5 portions with steamed broccoli dinner or lunch for the week sorted!!

A quick breakdown of this delicious one pot orzo based on calories per 2cups(200-260g) cooked portion. data from fat and fitness pal
-calories per gram(carb=4cal, protein=4cal, fat=9cal)
fat-3.8g, carb-8.39, protein-0.8g
total carb 6g-3g fiber=3g
protein 3g
sugar 2g
carb-3.91g, protein-0.8g, Fat-0.13g


total fat-28g
saturated fat-4g
polyunsaturated fat 4g
monounsaturated 20g

TOTAL CALORIES IN THIS ONE POT RECIPE =(628+252+72+31+20.13+19)=1,021.9Calories
So this pot makes 6 servings if you divide total calories by no of portions -1021.9÷6= 170 cal per serving so roughly 250 cal to account for other ingredients like garlic, pepper and herbs, still under 500 cal per meal( now that’s good news to your waist line plus all the nutritional gains.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not liable to any damage that may arise from the use of the information provided, people are different and metabolize differently so some of the information may not apply to everyone if you are concerned about your eating habits or diet and wish to change them ,then you should consult a dietician first.