Sweet potato omelette

One of the things I have learnt on my healthy eating journey is to try and meet everyone half way. Some people can’t eat certain food types either because of health problems or simply personal preferences. My husband and kids fall in the later category… Taste! Who else can relate?

Healthy eating is a lot easier and sustainable when it is one person( you just always work around your routine) but can be a bit overwhelming when you try to drag others along. A timelesss tip to carry everyone along with less fuss is to come to a healthy compromise so everyone is happy. So, I have had to do a lot of adventurous things in the kitchen to keep everyone happy! and one of them is this breakfast skillet. I love onions and would literally throw it in every dish. but, child number 2 and 3 would not eat onions especially if it is visible. how to solve this problem so everyone is happy is, we simply blend everything up.( a win win)

How did we come up with this sweet potato omelette?

As a mom of three with fairly good appetite I have learnt to improvise with what I have at hand, rather than always pop down to the grocer when what they want is not available.( because it never ends! trust me )

This has helped in saving us money and has cut down on the amount of what gets trashed. So this is another helpful tip. just before you think of heading out to the grocer, check that you’ve exhausted all your options, to be honest it will surprise you what you will find or are able to put together .( just like this breakfast skillet)

So this morning it was bread and eggs, unfortunately ran out of bread, but found 3 not so happy sweet potatoes left.. boom came the Idea. So I cut up the sweet potatoes, steamed it,(5mins) blended along side other vegetables with a bit of ground garlic and white pepper for a spicy kick.

Sweet potatoes in a steamer

I chose to cook it in our favourite pancake skillet to simulate pancakes! or pizza! something they can relate with. when you are introducing something for the first time whether for adults or kids , you want to not only keep it simple but also bring it closer to what they are used to either taste wise or just the sight.( this works trust me)

I also cooked some in a muffin tray to simulate ” healthy muffins”( as they call it)

Child number 1 suggested we decorate our new creation with some of their favourite things avocado, bacon bits, cherry tomatoes and I added chives and parsley for added flavour. The outcome was incredibly delicious and satisfying. I got 3 thumbs up meaning this recipe is a keeper( on a repeat list)

Choice of cooking method

Always opt for cooking methods that will preserve the nutritional content of the food. and steaming is one of them, this will depend largely on the type of food. for example sweet potato is high in beta carotene which can easily be lost if cooked under high temperature,( according to studies) So steaming on medium to low heat is recommended to ensure all yhe nutrients are intact.

Why is this skillet a healthy breakfast or supper option?

This omelette contains the recommended portion of “at least” 5 a day servings of vegetables. So having it for breakfast means the box is ticked for the day by the time you get to the end of the day you probably would have hit your recomnended daily portions of fruits or even extra vegetables( the more the better). Again as a dinner option it will serve the same purpose plus an added advantage of having a light dinner( if you are anything like me)

Again, eggs are excellent source of protein and protein is not easily digested, So your body is not flooded with more glucose than you can cope with and this means your blood sugar is steady and you are feeling full for longer, no mid morning energy crash. The addition of sweet potatoes turns out to be a great choice too because they are a rich source of fibre which also helps steady blood sugar, cholesterol levels and promotes digestive health. they also contain loads of vitamins and minerals like Iron, calcium, selenium, B and C vitamins

Sweet potatoes are high in antioxidants mainly beta carotene which is converted to vitamin A once eaten. It is also quick to make ,the ladt thing you’d want to do is spending alot of time in the kitchen in the morning or after a long day. So, a combination of all these factors and more makes this skillet a must try.

happy reading, now let’s get to make it!


. Medium sized free range eggs(5)

. Medium sized red onions ,chopped

. Sweet potatoes , peeled, diced and steamed (5mins)

. Red bell pepper ( halved)

. 1/4 tsp white pepper

.1/4 tsp black pepper

. 1/4 ground garlic

. 1.5 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

. cherry tomatoes, bacon bits, avocado, chives amd parsley for garnishing.


  1. In a food processor or blender throw in all the vegetables( sweet potatoes, pepper, onions), spices and eggs( crack one at a time) as shown below

2 . blitz all the ingredients to a smooth paste/ batter and set aside.

3 . place a skillet on the hob, and heat up the olive oil. Then add a cooking spoon of the batter into the skillet and cook as you would a pancake ( flip and cook the other side too) this should take about 3-4mins

I used the lid of a large pan to gently flip the batter over to cook the other side.

Scoop some in a greased muffin tray ,bake at 170 for 10mins ( optional step)

4. Once cooked take off the hob and garnish with your favourite toppings, drizzle extra olive oil and enjoy!


Black eyed beans is a nutritious plant based whole food with a good proportion of dietary fiber 4g, total carbohydrate 16g, protein 9g and calories 128kcal per 100g serving.(according to nutritionaldata.com and fitnesspal).

I grew up eating beans pottage served with plantain, yam or rice as it was thought that black eyed beans is a complete protein so needed to be balanced with carbohydrate and most of us still believe that beans is a complete protein and still eat this way. from the nutritional composition we can see that it is more carb than protein. knowing the nutritional composition of an ingredient helps with choosing the right ingredient that will pair well with it so as to not only maximize the nutritional benefit but also reduce the impact on the waistline.
Black eyed beans is quite versatile, it can also be eaten as a pudding ” Moin-Moin” the skin of the beans is peeled, blended with onions, peppers, oil, salt and steamed in plantain or banana leaves. A delicacy traditionally eaten in the western part of Africa(recipe coming soon)

So I have paired black eyed beans with half ripe plantain which is also a nutritional bomb to create a delicious , fluffy, chewy crust different from other healthy pizza alternatives out there (bready in texture).
Good news is, this pizza is a combination of complex carbohydrate with a low glycaemic load, so takes time to break down when eaten, this means no blood sugar effect, you’ll be feeling full for a long time, less appetite and consequently no extra flabs!!

If you are from west Africa precisely Nigeria, you know how precious moin-moin is ? talk about something quick and healthy moin- moin tops the list.
So I made black eyed pudding for the week and by day 3 my kids were bored already, so I thought to try something close to what they enjoy eating without a fuss PIZZA!. with the left over ingredients (about 100g peeled black eyed beans and half ripe plantain) pinch of salt, pepper, Italian seasoning, oregano and a table spoon of extra virgin olive oil I was able to put together this delicious healthy pizza crust..
It is gluten free, flourless, no raising agent, just as natural as can be. easily adaptable to vegan, simply swap toppings and you are good to go.
It is super filling and can be served with or without salad and oven baked wedges and spicy chicken wings for a complete pizza night experience.

let’s get cooking!

– 100g black eyed beans
-1 half ripe plantain
– 1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
-I Tsp garlic powder
– I Tbsp Italian seasoning/oregano
– Pepper and pinch of salt to taste.

-Half canned tomatoes or fresh tomatoes
-2 garlic cloves
-1/2 tsp salt,
-basil leaves
-1 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
Blend all ingredients and cook in extra virgin olive oil over low medium heat till fragrant and cooked.(8mins or less) take off the hob and set aside

1. Blitz all ingredients in a blender

2. Grease lined pizza tray, pour your batter and cook in pre-heated oven for 20-25mins (flip other side to cook half way cooking time) turn off heat. 20180728_174428
Allow to cool, then spread the marinara sauce over it
layer with toppings of choice.


please leave a comment if you make it and don’t forget to tag me on Instagram #hardynoye#healthfulnonye
. thank you.



It is such a delight to finally share this coconut flour pancake recipe after several attempts. with a bit of creativity, I was able to put together this perfect fluffy low-carb, gluten free pancake paired with a delicious homemade fruit compote simply nutritious and loaded with antioxidants, warm, fruity with a touch of natural sweetness.
Pancakes are great weekend breakfast treats in my house hold, my kids always look forward to it so having a healthier version of the traditional regular flour pancakes or the shop bought ones which are usually loaded with a lot of nasties is a great addition to our healthy eating menu and means I can indulge without the guilt. they unbelievably couldn’t tell the difference except that it smells very coco. Nutty!!

Healthy eating for me, involves looking for alternatives which completely rules out that feeling of deprivation and in so doing makes eating healthily a long-term goal.
After countless research (thanks to google) I settled for coconut flour as it is said to be the healthiest alternative of all baking flours.
Whole grain flours are also healthy, but some people have digestive problems when they eat it, but coconut flour is grain free and non-inflammatory (good news!!)
coconut flour has a high fiber content (12g per 1/4cup), high protein (7gper 1/4 cup) 3 g of fat and 120 calories in comparison with oat and quinoa flour with the same protein and fiber content but higher in calories.

The high fiber and protein contents means a stable blood sugar as it helps slow down the release of sugar into the blood stream. great for weightless too as the high fiber and protein contents keeps you fuller for longer hence reduced tendency to over eat.
It also has a low carbohydrate content compared to other grains, about 1g of total carbohydrate per 2Tbsps without the fiber.

Coconut four is a good source of healthy fat, it contains MCT (medium chain triglycerides)which has been shown to speed up the rate at which food is broken down.

After several experiments I find that there are different types of coconut flour out there and sometime can be challenging to make the right choice. if we must eat healthy it is important that we are eating the right thing, I once bought one that is very white and odourless (probably over refined), I couldn’t perceive that coconut smell and my batter crumbled easily with that flour any time I bake with it, so I had to swap to the RAW ORGANIC COCONUT FLOUR which in my opinion is the best. it is ceramic in colour and full of coconut flavour and a better batter consistency Now that we know why we’ve used coconut flour in this pancake recipe and the type of flour to use, LET’S GET BAKING!

-2 Tbsps coconut flour
-2 Tbsps Almond butter(I used pipandnut, feel free to use any brand)
-2 large eggs
-1/4Tsp baking soda
-1/4 Tsp cream of tartar
-60mls coconut milk

1. carefully separate egg white from yolk into different bowls
2. Mix the coconut flour, baking soda, almond butter, coconut milk and egg yolk in a large bowl and set aside.
3. Add egg whites and cream of tartar in a clean dry bowl and whisk to a stiff peak(i used a hand mixer) and set aside
4. Slowly fold in the egg white into your batter untill well combined.

5. lightly grease pan with coconut oil(i used about 1/2tsps this will depend on the size of your scoop)and scoop about 2-3 Tbsps over a mediun low heat, when bubbles appear in the center of the pancake flip and cook for extra 2mins

– 150g fresh or frozen fruits( i used 75g mixed berries and 75g cherries)

-3Tbsps water
– 1 Tsp of honey(optional)
-1/4 tsp ground cinnamon and ginger(optional)
Wash fruits properly, place water and juice in a pan and bring to boil over medium heat, lower heat once bubbling and use a wooden stick to mash the fruits up to mix well( or slightly blend with a hand mixer to break up chunks a bit). cook for another 5-8mins on low heat, remove from the hob and transfer into a clean jar.
serve with your pancake20180610_061527