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A Warm Welcome to my site! My name is Chinonye, a hearty wife and mom of 3.
I’m fondly called ” Nonye” meaning ”Presence” so healthfulnonye means a healthful presence! which is certainly true as i ‘m so passionate about health and wellbeing.
My first hand experience with type 2 diabetes and hormonal imbalance which has now been reversed with life style and dietary changes inspired my relentless passion for cooking healthy meals, a complete lifestyle change for me. I research and create healthy food recipes, focusing more on food types with minimal blood sugar effects, quick and healthy recipes to support a healthy lifestyle. sugar-free, nutrient dense and real foods from the earth. With my experience and further certification in nutrition science I hope to provide healthy meal services and coaching to individuals who want to eat and live healthily.
I believe in eating a varied, balanced meal, because variety means I’m getting a wider spectrum of nutrients to support health and repair the body. So I aim to always maintain a balance knowing that no single food type is magic on its own.
I’m a firm believer that meals should be eaten in ways that are satisfying to the senses, when I eat I make an occasion of it. pretty plate, nicely presented, satiating, spicy, flavourful and tasteful . I make healthy eating a sustainable long-term goal by prioritising variety and continuously expanding my taste buds. So you will find on this blog entirely new foods you might never have thought of eating, foods you are familiar with but cooked differently.
I love to cook and eat foods from different parts of the world with the knowledge that healthy food provides nourishment for the body so should be enjoyed , celebrated and not be restricted by frontiers. This showcases the dietary commonalities between different cultures of the world, ( a happy fusion of cultures) we are all different in many ways but united in one way which is food! (what we eat and how we eat). so you will be sure to find super healthy exotic fusion recipes for the adventurous palate! and recipes that support your health goals here.
I also love and enjoy being able to share, health tips, and chats about potential benefits of what I eat, a big indicator of whether I have made the right food choice, so you will often see notes of nutritional gains in most recipes or some kind of health talks. writing recipes is a grey area for me but I’m however working hard to improve my skills to communicate in a way that will serve you best.
I hope my passion and experiences will inspire you to take a step towards becoming a better you.