Noodle vegetable pizza

Hey!! thanks for stopping by. This is one of those meals you’ll probably be like ” is it healthy??? ”

Ok, Yes! and NO! , This is meant to be a healthy food blog right? Relax, here’s the story, This lovely healthy….ish pizza is made with INSTANT NOODLES ( INDOMIE) Yes!
It is delicious, nutrient packed, easy quick, no fuss no mess kind of meal, every parent’s & students favourite I literally lived off indomie noodles back in university days, and still finding it useful as a mom now… It is a reliable convenience food that has made feeding 3 lovely kids with varying taste buds easier. When i’m not in town, busy and have not stocked up the freezer the husband relies heavily on this Instant noodles to get the kids fed. I’m yet to find one Nigerian home without indomie noodles … Any Yes here?? this guy is a saver!

but here’s the shocking truth about it. It packs in a good amount of calories without the various nutrients that a more balanced meal consisting of a protein, vegetables and complex carbs would contain. FACT!
Recent studies suggests that frequent consumption has been linked to poor diet quality and increased risk of metabolic syndrome.

But here’s the good news; You can give your noodles a healthy upgrade by choosing
Instant noodles that are lower in sodium or made from whole grains. Choose wholemeal varieties or fortified instant noodles.
Some types of instant noodles are however fortified to add extra vitamins and minerals. ( high B vitamins) e.g indomie noodles, whole meal vermicelli, wholemeal ramen are the types I have tried, but my kids like indomie noodles best.

Adding vegetables and a protein source to round it out.
Protein and fiber rich meals keep you feeling full for longer, making it a useful tool in weight management
Soluble fibers provide food for your gut bacteria( prebiotics), which then produce short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs). SCFAs are beleived to help lower inflammation and boost immunity
Plant foods like vegetables and fruits are good sources of fiber.
The Indomie instant noodle has only 4 -7grams of protein and 1 gram of fiber per serving, this serving likely won’t make much of a difference in your hunger or fullness levels. So this low levels may not benefit your recommended daily dietay intake.
So, I have bulked this instant noodle recipe with eggs( protein) and vegetables
This not only increased the nutrient quality of the noodles but also, so filling with less tendency to over eat.
You can use other protein source, meat, fish, chicken, tofu or pulses just what ever works for you to round this meal out.

Don’t use the seasonings

make your own!!
And that’s exactly what I did!! experiment with different spices and herbs and you’ll definitely find the notes that hits just well. For this recipe I used onion powder, garlic and black pepper powder , bit of olive oil and scotch bonnet to cook the noodles. Then seasoned the topping with oregano and italian spice for that perfect pizza flavour. This combination was exceptional!!the kids loved it much. I had a slice as well it was good.( tasters club..phew)


High in sodium

Instant noodles are high in sodium and MSGs which are linked with high blood pressure in people who are salt-sensitive. I’m sure you already know the correlation between salt and high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease? if you don’t I would recommend some google time.
The food label picture below is an example of what you should be looking out for in the ingredient section of your food pack. This is probably one of the major reasons I spend alot of time at the grocer . ( trust me, I like to know what I’m eating or feeding my family)
Reading food labels will help you make better food choices and in this case for the instant noodles, I ditched the seasoning that came with the pack and made my own from scratch. This added a healthy boost to this instant noodle.

Contains artificial antioxidants

Since Instant noodle packs are made to have a longer shelf life, they are highly processed, with low nutrients, high on fat, and artificial colours, preservatives, additives and flavourings
Unlike whole, fresh foods, packaged foods, don’t have natural antioxidants and phytochemicals that have positive health benefits. if you have a closer look at the pack you’ll see the artificial antioxidants E319 so what’s that? have you ever wondered? E319 antioxidant is another word for Tertiary butylhydroquinone, or TBHQ
an additive used to preserve processed foods. It acts as an antioxidant, but unlike the healthy antioxidants you find in fruits and vegetables, this antioxidant is classed as harmful under hazards (wilkipedia) but safe to be used in food in certain amounts, the question is, how much of this chemical is in this pack?? not stated, this is why you have to apply caution and limit your intake. I also found that this chemical is used to preserve paints and beauty products, so why have it in food too??


The Bad Fats

Unfortunately, most processed foods are loaded with not-so-good fats like saturated fatty acids or trans-fats. Monounsaturated fatty acids as well polyunsaturated fatty acids are the good-types of fats. Again if you look at the label you’ll find that edible vegetable oil, sugar, sugar syrup, flavour enhancer and many other agents like these aren’t good for your health at all. Instant noodles contain saturated fats which if consumed excessively or regularly can raise the level of cholesterol in the blood. And you know having high cholesterol increases the risk of heart disease as well as type 2 diabetes.

Overall, moderate your consumption,
Occasionally enjoying instant noodles is fine as long as you’re maintaining an otherwise healthy and well-rounded diet.

What other noodle alternatives can suit this recipe? ( If you are on a diet)

Great!! there are other waistline friendly alternatives that would work well with this recipe like spiralized fresh vegetables edamame noodles zucchinni( zoodles) , shirataki, seaweed and fiber-rich noodle replacements are some of the most popular options. They not only contain far fewer carbs but also much higher levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. I have tried zoodle pizza ( zucchini) it came out well, it was edible but not as firm or closer to what you’ll get with traditional noodle. the closest is the Edamame.

I particulary took out time to research this ALL TIME convenience food as I know there are people you’d literally have to physically kill , if you take this Instant noodles away from their diet.
I have to be honest with you , My family will probably fall in that category, You’d always find a box in my home, true confessions of a real mom. I personally do alternatives, but my kids and the husband don’t like the alternatives… YUCK!! (in their tiny voices) So like I always do and advise people to, when introducing healthy eating to your family , to meet everyone half way to ensure a relaxed no fuss no mess atmosphere at meal times. So this is an example of how I try to make Instant noodles healthier. I have shown a few moms how to make this and they got back to say it was a hit so, I decided to share it. hopefully you find it useful.

We learn to make informed decisions. But this is still a case of “win some loose some” .

Happy reading and cooking!

Edamame vegetable noodle pizza


Difficulty: easy
Prep time: 15mins, Cooking time: 20mins Total time : 20mins

● 4 Packs instant chicken indomie noodles
● 5 Free range eggs
●1.5 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
● 1Teaspoon onion powder

●1/2teaspoon oregano& Italian spice
● 1 Teaspons black pepper garlic powder
●A bit of fresh ginger
●1/2 scotch bonnet ( chopped)
●2 carrots ( sliced)
● 1 Small head of broccoli steamed and chooped into bits
●Mozzarella cheese


1. Open up noodle packs and cook according to pack instruction, without the seasoning, replace with the onion powder, pepper-garlic powder, ginger and 1/2tspn olive oil.

2. Crack and whisk up eggs in a clean bowl and set aside.


3. Transfer cooked noodles into the cooked eggs mix to combine nicely, add the scotch bonnet.

Egg and noodle mixture

4. Add the remaining tbspn olive oil in a deep skillet on medium heat. (just enough to grease the entire base)

5. Pour the noodle mixture into the hot skillet and press down well to hold, then lower the heat.
Flip with a pan lid, and cook the other side, pressing down till the mixture set and firm

1tablespoon olive oil

Flip with a pan lid, and cook the other side, pressing down till the mixture set and firm

Flip the base to cook the other side

6. Tansfer to a pizza tray or flat plate, top with the steamed vegetables and pizza shavings, pop in the oven for the cheese to melt or just allow the heat from the base to melt the cheese.


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